SIP Phone call center - User Guide

SIP Phone call center - User Guide

Extension adding, Installation & Configuration based on the Ticket

Int'l Calls  -  Dial Phone # with Country Code  (Ex: 919889888988)
Local Calls - Dial Phone # without Country Code  (EX: 0501234567) 

If working remotely, Users should be connected over VPN

Log into Call Center

  1. Double Click on SIP Phone icon to open
  2. SIP Phone application will open with Ready status

  Initiate a Call 

  1. Dial the number in the Keypad
  2. Click on Call Button



Receive Incoming Call 

  1. Click on Answer button while ringing


 Hangup a Call 

  1. Click on Hang up to disconnect the Call 

 Mute a Call 

  1. Click on Mute to Mute the Call


Conference Call 

  1. Click on to Answer/Dial to attend the call
  2. During Call, Click on AC (Auto Conference)
  3. Click on Flash and Type the other contact number
  4. Click on Call Button
  5. After attending, Conference will be active  



Transfer a Call 

  1. Click on to Answer to attend/Dial the call
  2. Click on XFER
  3. Type the number to transfer
  4. Click on XFER
  5. Call will be transferred 


 Log Out Call Center 

  1. In SIP Phone, Click on Show Menu
  2. Click on Exit 


View Call Details 

  1. Click on Open Contacts Drawer
  2. Click on Missed Calls to view missed call details
  3. Click on Received Calls to view received call details
  4. Click on Dialed Calls to view the details of dialed calls
  5. Click on Blocked Incoming Calls to view the details

 Call Recording & Details

  1. Click on record  for recording the calls

  2. For accessing the call records --> Click on Options
  3. Navigate to the path mentioned in the field

View Contacts

  1. Click on Open Contacts Drawer
  2. Open the Contacts to see the details


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