Before Claiming an RMA from MBUZZ

Before Claiming an RMA from MBUZZ

We believe after sales support is what makes MBUZZ stand out from other distributors. 
If something goes wrong with any number of items you bought from us, don't hesitate to contact us at

Pre-RMA Submission Checks

Here are a few things you must check before claiming an RMA from us:
  1. The items must be purchased from MBUZZ.
    If you have a copy of the invoice or invoice number make sure to keep them handy to fill out the RMA form

  2. The items are under warranty
    Cross-check the date on invoice with the warranty period offered by the vendor.

  3. The items are free from physical and accidental damages
    It can be tricky to identify certain defects, you can read this article for a basic guideline Checking for Physical Damages during RMA (

You can then proceed to fill out the attached RMA form and email it to or claim an RMA from our website

Pre-Shipment / Collection Checks

Ensure the following before shipping the items to us:
  1. Package the items with enough protection to prevent damage during transportation
    We recommend returning the items in their original retail boxes

  2. Mark your RMA number on the package
    You will receive your RMA number when you initiate a claim with us. 

  3. If our agent has agreed to collect the items from you, keep them packaged and ready for pickup
    We usually pickup the items in under 3 days, if it takes longer, please reach out to us via email or phone. Do mention your pickup address in the RMA application.

To make your RMA get processed quickly and smoothly, we recommend you adhere to the following recommended practices:
  1. Fill the form digitally and email it in the same format
    Although, we accept handwritten RMA forms, it takes time to manually input the fields

  2. Attach a copy of the Tax Invoice
    Without this, we'll have to manually retrieve the invoice, at least provide the invoice number or a copy of the sales quotation

  3. If relevant, attach photos & videos of the issue

  4. Input serial numbers in separate rows, with corresponding part numbers

  5. Do not 'reply all' to a closed or existing RMA case to claim another RMA; always send a fresh email
    We don't get notifications for replies to cases/tickets that are closed, we may fail to respond to your email.

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